Our School

Nantgaredig Community Primary School is in the heart of the Tywi Valley.

The school provides Welsh medium education of the highest standard. The school supports pupils from across Carmarthenshire in the two speech and language units.

The school is inclusive providing equal opportunities for all pupils to participate in curricular and extra- curricular activities. Our aim to develop the child as a whole to include important basic skills and to provide exciting opportunities to prepare them for the future.

We pride ourselves in the fact that our pupils participate in various sporting activities, music and drama including competing in the Urdd eisteddfod, important environmental work and innovative use of technology.

Last but not least, Nantgaredig is a happy and caring school.

Nantgaredig Community Primary School

School development plant key priorities for 2021-22 

 Priority rationale
1National priority  and school    provision:-To further prepare for the introduction of a new curriculum for Wales for our learners in September 2022 (MA5 + MA3) 2nd year of this priority.SG/ AE 
2National priority  – Further planning to introduce the Additional Learning Needs act from January 2022.DH, RhE
3Standards priority – To develop and improve learners’ oral skills in Welsh and consequently see an improvement in the written work of learners (RhG/ AE) 
4Wellbeing priority and attitudes to learning –  Ensuring that all pupils have access towell-being curriculum that meets their needs. AB/ IM/ SG